1. Services

Clients seating

complete kitchen great for taste tests

Focus group room complete with a two way mirror


Focus Groups:

  • Two way mirror
  • Oblong conference table seats 12
  • Clients seat 6-10
  • In-mall catering
  • Hostess services
  • Internet access 
  • Audio/visual recording of groups
  • Streaming media for any of your groups with DVD copies on demand 


  • Grocery, Drugstore, and Mass Merchandising experience
  • Store Personnel from receiving to management
  • Direct Store Deliveries
  • Inventory/Sales Tracking
  • Local working warehouse relationship
  • Local vehicle working relationship

Taste tests:

  • On site test kitchen

Product Placement:

  • Strong databank

Mall Intercept:

  • 35+ years of mall intercept
  • 20 computers for respondents
  • In depth interviews- probing and clarification